How do I Exchange points or miles between my loyalty programs?

With the Points Loyalty Wallet, you can take points or miles from one of your loyalty programs and move them into another one of your programs. For a list of loyalty programs that participate in Exchange, see the chart on our Program Partners page.

Here's how to Exchange points or miles:

1. Sign in to your loyalty wallet.

2. Under "Menu" at the top left side of the page, click "Exchange"

3. Click the card icons to choose which programs you want to Exchange out of and into:


4. Move the slider left or right to choose the amount of points or miles that you want to Exchange:



5. Check to see if any Exchange rules apply to your programs. Some programs place limits or other restrictions on how many points or miles can be moved in and out of your account. Once you have selected your Exchange programs, a box will appear above them with a link that says "Show Exchange Rules." Click that link and any rules that apply will pop up in a box:




6. Review the details of your Exchange in the Summary section at the bottom of the page. If you are satisfied, click "Exchange." You will still have one chance to abandon your transaction.



7. Finalize your Exchange by clicking "Yes, Exchange" in the box that pops up:


IMPORTANT: You can abandon an Exchange at any point up to where you click "Yes, Exchange" as pictured above. Once you click this button, the Exchange cannot be reversed. We strongly encourage you to look at the Exchange rules and carefully consider your transaction before clicking the "Yes, Exchange" button.

8. Because the Exchange must be confirmed by all of the loyalty programs involved, it will take 3 to 5 business days to finalize and to update your balances in all programs. When your Exchange transaction is processed, we'll send you an email confirmation. Please review and print your receipt or save it for your records.


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