How do I register a reward program in my Points Loyalty Wallet?

To Track, Exchange or Redeem points and miles from any of your loyalty programs on the Points Loyalty Wallet, you need to have that program registered in your wallet.

Before you begin to register your programs, make sure you have the following information ready:

  1. Your membership number or ID in the program.
  2. The password or PIN you use to see your account balance on the program's website.

To find this information, visit your loyalty program's website.

Once you have this information handy, you can register your program in a few easy steps. 

Adding Programs to Your Points Loyalty Wallet:

1. Log in to the Points Loyalty Wallet and, on your wallet home page, click "Add program.



From the menu that pops up on the right, choose the programs you want to add to your loyalty wallet. You can filter the list of programs by industry (airline, hotel, retail, etc.) or search for the program name. Once you have selected all the programs you want to add, click "Save."



2. Back on your wallet home screen, click the "Register" button under the logo of the program you have just added.



3. A form will pop up on your screen. Fill in the requested information (name, membership number or ID, PIN or password). This information will be used to confirm your identity to the reward program. (The exact information required varies from program to program.) Important tip: If your membership ID contains spaces, do not include them.



4. Click "Register". It may take a few minutes, but your current balance in the program you registered will appear on your home page. (We cannot show the balance until we verify your information with the reward program.)

Remember that we don't actually do anything with your miles or points when you register a program. We only require that you register a program in order for us to be able to retrieve and display your balance for you.


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