Who to Contact for Points Loyalty Wallet (Points.com) Customer Support Help

Are you sometimes unsure of whom to go to with your questions about your loyalty memberships? Have a question about a transaction you made using your points and miles? We're here to help!

The Points Loyalty Wallet offers a variety of options and services, such as Tracking your balances, Exchanging between programs, and even Redeeming your points or miles for gift certificates or into PayPal.

Did you also know that we power a variety of our partner's Buy, Gift, and Transfer options? If ever you see "Powered by Points.com" on a partner site, this means that our technology is the engine behind the transactions, while those transactions are maintained by the partner.

We understand that it can be confusing to know who to contact when you have a question, so we put together a list of examples to help you find help when you need it.


Contact your loyalty programs' Customer Service to get help with:

  •  What you can do with your loyalty program membership
  • Your account balance
  • Buying, Gifting or Transferring/Sharing points/miles, or the status of these transactions
  • Promotions/bonuses associated with buying, gifting or sharing points/miles
  • Redeeming for products or services offered by the loyalty program and its other partners
  • All activities and transactions performed on the loyalty program's website (even if they are 'powered by Points.com')

Contact Points Customer Support to get help with:

  • Transactions or activities completed on the Points Loyalty Wallet
  • Not being able to see your account balances on the Loyalty Wallet
  • Exchanging points/miles using the Points Loyalty Wallet
  • Redeeming for gift certificates or PayPal


To get in touch with your loyalty program customer service team, please visit their website. 

To get in touch with the Customer Support team at Points, send us an email or chat with us using the options listed on the right-hand side of this page.


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