Why is my balance showing incorrectly?

If you've made changes to your loyalty program account, it could affect our ability to track your balance on the Points Loyalty Wallet. For example, if you change your email address, password, physical address or account number without updating this information on the Points Loyalty Wallet, we may not be able to verify your account (or show your balance).

Before we get started, please note that if you have made a change to your loyalty program account number, you'll need to get in-touch with our Customer Support team to have them update it for you. We do this to ensure your information is safe on the Points Loyalty Wallet.

Follow these steps to make sure you can always view your most up-to-date balance on the Points Loyalty Wallet:

  1. Log in to the Points Loyalty Wallet and make sure you're on the 'home' page so you can see your loyalty wallet;
  2. In your loyalty wallet, click the 'edit' link below the name of the reward program that you would like to update;
  3. The information that we use to check your balances will be displayed. Make any necessary changes to your account information;
  4. Click 'save' when you've finished updating the information;
  5. It may take a few moments for our systems to update your information. You will see a note under your program balance that say 'updating' as we work to retrieve your information.


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