Can you remove authorization holds from my credit card?

While you were doing your transaction, you may have received an error message that "your credit card details could not be confirmed". 
If this is the case, your credit card will have a pre-authorization hold on it but has not actually been chargedThe hold(s) will fall off shortly and you will regain access to those funds. However, your transaction did not process and you will not be receiving any points/miles. You can attempt your transaction again, but confirm your credit card details (including your billing address) as something you entered during your first attempt was incorrect.

If you would like the hold(s) removed sooner than the timeframe set by your credit card company (or issuing bank), they may have advised you to contact powers the technology behind the Purchase website, however the process of removing an Authorization Hold from your credit card can only begin when an Agent from the Reward Program sends an internal request to to provide the Authorization Hold details. The Reward Program would then need to follow up with your credit card company, providing those details in order to remove the hold.

To request an Authorization Hold removal, you will need to contact your Reward Program, ask to be transferred to their Customer Service Department, and ask to speak with an Agent who is knowledgeable of their online products and protocol for handling these issues.


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