I'm trying to log into your website to redeem my AA miles for gift cards, but it won't accept my email address and password. Can you help?

If you came to www.points.com from the American Airlines AAdvantage website, or because of an email or letter you received, and you don't already have a Points Loyalty Wallet (Points.com) account, please know that you will need to sign up for an account and register your AA account information with us before you can redeem your miles. We do not automatically have access to your AA account information.

The Points Loyalty Wallet is a free-to-join online program that enables you to register your various reward programs all in one place. On the Points Loyalty Wallet  you can track balances, exchange between programs, and redeem for gift cards.

We should also let you know that in order to exchange or redeem your AAdvantage Miles on the Points Loyalty Wallet, you must have a minimum balance of 25,000 miles or have a status of Gold, Platinum or Executive Platinum.

Sig-up for the Points Loyalty Wallet here: www.points.com.


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